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Cienfuegos, Cuba

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/04/2010 by ketchkaraka

We are back in town.
After we arrived here about a month ago, we stayed in town for about 2 weeks. We worked on the boat, visited the town and had a pretty good time. Rick had to leave us then, as he had some emergency business to take care off and he couldn’t rely on the cuban telecomunication system for that. He flew to Jamaica.
So we were left 4 on board, with elan, kway and tara. We went back to the jardines de la reina for more island time. We learned that it was forbidden to go anywhere near the mainland if there is no marina to receive us, so the only freedom of movement in cuba is cruising the offshore islands. We had a good time anchored off a reef in the cinco balas archipelago, diving, fishing, and taking life
We made our way back on the 8th of april, catching a 35 Lbs whaoo on the way, and tied to the dock at the marina again. We got another thorough search from the customs, and then we went back for the usual arrival beer…
on the ninth kim made it back to the boat after spending a couple month back home in australia. At the same time a new crew member arrived as well. Dana is half french and half syrian and flew to us from the emirates. the night of their arrival, after the jumping around and displaying of gifts, we had a barbecue on the beach, grilling nice juicy 1 inch thick wahoo steaks.
Now we are in town until tuesday or wednesday. We are planning another party, pizza night this time, on karaka tonight and then we might go to watch a show at the cabaret. Tuesday we’ll shop around and check out and then we’ll sail to cayo sal, which is the tiny island where I had my barracuda accident last year. After that we’ll sail to some other islands in the area and then go to the resort island of cayo largo, where we’ll check out of cuba. We’ll then sail to jamaica. We have to be there before the 28th of this month as elan got a plane ticket out of there on that day.