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Scott’s bay, Cayman Brac

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Just a short one, as we’re on the move again and since we don’t expect to have internet access for the next month or so, i guess i have to update and give some info…
First sorry for all those who wrote to us and to whom we didn’t answer, we don’t have that good an internet access and we have been very busy. we’ll try to write back to everyone, including crew applications as soon as possible but it might not be before july… anyway…

The crew is complete for now, and it is unlikely we will need new people before at least august. If you are interested in joining us for the cruise along the pacific side of panama and costa rica from august till late october, drop us a line, even if you already wrote to us before. We kind of lost track of all the applications, and since we didn’t answer all the mails we received, it is impossible to know who is still interested or not. so if you are, , just write back to us again.

Otherwise, cayman brac is lovely but the anchorage is horrible, we’ve been bobing up and down on a mooring for a week, hoping the wind and the swell would die, trying different spots with no success(even ran aground pretty bad trying to enter the little cayman’s owen sound, which is too shallow for us) and now the hurricane season is getting closer and closer, storms start to developp, and it is time to get the hell out of here. the wind is not going to be very favorable but at least it won’t be stormy along our route, so hopefully i will be able to check out with customs this morning and then we’ll set sail in the afternoon.

we will try to stop in the colombian island of providencia on the way to panama, but it will really depend on the weather. other wise we’re aiming for the san blas islands in panama, where at least we are sure to find good anchorages, quiet weather, lovely locals, beautifull islands, white sand beaches, fish and lobster, coconuts, etc etc…

it’s been hectic those past few weeks, and we are all ready for some relaxing time.

So next post will be next week if we stop at providencia, or next month if we don’t.


Montego Bay, Jamaica

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we are still in montego bay, but we are almost on the move again.
there has been some delais, getting fuel, getting water, buying groceries, checking out with customs, the weather… jamaica seems to suck you in and you can never leave… hopefully we will be gone by tomorow.
we are headed for cayman brac, one of the 3 cayman islands. we’ll check the place out and then make our way south to panama, probably stoping in providencia again and then straight to san blas for some quality time in the kuna islands. we are thinking about crossing the canal sometime in july.
the crew is complete, we’re 6 on board and everybody is with us for a few months at least.
sometime during the summer my parents are going to come visit us as well, so altogether it seems unlikely we will have any free bunks before something like august.
we’re sorry for all the people we haven’t answered to, we’ve been trying but we haven’t had access to any reliable internet and we’re still receiving loads of applications. so if you haven’t heard from us back yet, it doesn’t mean we are not interested in having you on board. we’ll write back eventually, we usually write back to everybody. or at least we try to. (although for now it is going to be hard, as cayman has limited internet access and so does providencia and the islands in panama got no connection whatsoever…)

anyway, got to run, we’ll be off into the wild for a while.

Moontego Bay, Jamaica

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we are almost ready to set sail again…

the crew has changed, kway, tara and elan are now gone, and we have 3 new crew on board, ben, coming from the Uk, and eva and sergio, a spanish couple.

we are going to leave for the cayman islands before the end of the week, stoping first in cayman brac and then little cayman. after that we might stop for a while in grand cayman but it will depends on the weather and how long we spend in the littles ones. we will then head south to the island of providencia, before making our way to the san blas archipelago in panama.

we expect to be sailing in the san blas for a month or two before crossing the canal and setting off to the other side.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

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irie man!
we’re back in jamaica after a couple months in cuba. all is well, but i haven’t much time on the internet right now so i’ll be quick…

we are in montego bay, we arrive a couple days ago after a whole week at sea, battling against the wind.
now elan missed his plane so he will be stayinga little longer until he catches his new flight. we are going to sail to port antonio in the east prety soon.
as far as the crew goes, elan will leave in a week or so, tara and kway shortly as well, within the next couple weeks i expect. we got 3 new crew members on their way, so we’ll be 6 total with dana who is already on board, ben , who is somewhere in jamaica waiting for us, and then two more who should fly in the 6th of may.

we are thinking that we might not make it back to haiti, but sail out of the cyclone zone instead, first to cayman islands and then south to panama.

allright, done for now