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San blas Archipelago, Kuna Yala, Panama

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I’m writing this from the island of Providencia. We are all ready to set sail in the afternoon for panama, approximatelly 270 nautical miles away. The conditions are not favorable, the sea is like a mirror, there is no wind at all, but we have been here for over 3 weeks and we want to get to san blas to be able to spend enough time there before going through the canal… so even if we really like providencia and if there is no wind, we are going. We will have to motorsail most of the way, we stocked up on fuel for that. it is going to be a hot and noisy passage.

We will be in the san blas islands for about a month, and we won’t have access to internet while we are there. The san blas islands are hundreds of small sandy cays, surrounded by coral and clear water, and populated by native americans called kunas, who are very traditional. Their society is semi autonomous, matriarchal and egalitarian. It is a wonderfull place.
that is where we got our wooden duggout last year, (the one we lost in cuba) and so we plan on going back to the island of ailigandi to get another one from the master boat maker there. the process is facinating, the guys paddle his canoe up a river, then walks into the forest, pick a tree, falls it, digs it roughly with an axe, slide the log down hill to the river, floats it to his island and finished it in his back yard. the whole thing takes a couple weeks for a small one, and is done entirely with hand tools…

so after that we’ll head for the canal entrance in a place called colon to cross over to the pacific sometime in august. my parents are going to come to visit us then, my dad was on board when i went through singapore, when i went around the cape of good hope and now he would like to be on board when we go through the canal of panama.

we’ll get back in touch with all the people who wrote to us around mid july, when we get out of san blas. we have been severely slacking on the mails lately, and we have loads of applications to aknowledge. sorry for you guy who are waiting for an answer…
We are full crew at the moment, and my parents will come to visit sometime in august and september, so we don’t need anybody for the near future. As well, we will have to spend some time in the city in panama to hunt down parts and gear and overall spend a lot of money on all those things we can never get in the wild. After that though we will definitely need some crew. We don’t know yet exactly when that will be, but most probably mid september. We will sail along the pacific coast of panama, checking all the surf spots, the fishing spots, and the remote islands on our way to costa rica. We will stay in that area until november, when my sister and her new baby(that i have never seen) will come to visit us, probably in cost rica. We will then sail north to mexico as we need to refit the karaka before setting sail to the south pacific.

ok another thing. i know i am very lazy and that i never post picture of the spots we are, although it seems most people who follow us would like to have them. so i can’t put our picture now because the connection is too slow(and because i am too lazy) but i found a cop out : google images.
here is the link to pics of providencia
click here
and here are pics of san blas
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Old providence island, Colombia

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i´ll be short, the internet connection is terribly slow

we are safe and sound, anchored in the bay in providencia, a gem of an island…

we are having a great time and we will stay a bit more, before heading to san blas sometime next week.