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Parties, good friends, huge jam sessions, busking plans, carnaval, haul out uncertainties, crazy scary secret project that I won’t even talk about yet, tacos and tequila.

We’re all over the place. We don’t know what’s happening next but it sure is exciting.


Haul out take 2: failure

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The machine was too small. Or Karaka was too big. in either case, we stayed in the water… We are very upset about it…

We had everything ready, we went early, emptied all we could onto the dock, sails, books, anchors, rope, bits and pieces, tons of stuff, and karaka lifted about 10 cm out of the water from being free of all that weight. but then despite the high enough tide, we could never get the boat on top of the machine that takes it out of the water, and after several attempts we had to give up. so our plan to be in that nice little family boatyard in la Paz with our cozy little private corner where we were going to make a gypsy camp and work on making karaka the beautifullest ship in the harbor, is not going to happen. it is very annoying as we spent the last few weeks checking all the shops for supplies, organizing parts and tools, preparing the boat, making friends, making plans for a longish term stay including circus class and busking and all kind of cool stuff, and now we are back in our anchorage, wondering what to do. there is no decent other boatyard in town, so our options re now getting somehow limited. we need to think hard and seriously about what we do next. Karaka needs a refit, but we also need to do it in the right conditions or it won’t be done properly. we don’t have that much money to spend so we need a small yard with cheap rates and where we can do the work ourselves… it is likely we’ll have to look in another town for that…

but for now we are trying to save the day, we are going to go get kim’s violin which is ready at the repair shop, then back on the boat for a night of revelry and bachanal, pizza night on karaka, gypsy music and lots of tequila. fuck it, we’re not going to be depressed over the ruin of all our plans for the past 3 months.

Quote of the day:

Iif you want to make God laugh, try to stick to a plan.

Karaka haul out status: pending

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all is fine, waiting for friday morning… nothing changed with the plan, we are still scheduled to get out on the 18th.

today we started emptying the boat, trying to get all the heavy stuff out of the lockers and on the deck so we can take it to shore before the machine lifts us. we have already 8 cardboard boxes full of books, and i had to run to the supermarket to dumpsterdive some more.we got piles of stuff. karaka will be incredible when she’ll be empty…

on the crew front, kim is busy taking circus classes and african dancing classeas and also getting tired riding her new bike… martin is still with us and helping. he has no set plans and will be hanging out for a while longer, helping with the work in the yard. we got one couchsurfer, jamie from tasmania, australia, and also there is laura, another australian we met in costa rica, who is around for a week or so. we also met another very young cruiser, alex on moondance, who just sailed down from santa cruz, california. he is setting for a world cruise and he is hanging out with us at the moment. actually as i write that he took both laura and jamie out to a nearby island for the night.

otherwise, well, the weather is improving, the cold spell is gone and now it is about the nicest weather we ‘ve had in a long time. it never rains, it is cool but not cold, always sunny. just great. ideal for working.

kim is doing her best to find time to finally answer all those mails , so if you have been waiting for news for ever, it might actually happen soon…

ok, that’s it for now. no pictures i’m sorry, but klim’s camera is broken and we don;’t have another one. we’ll have to get the pictures from martin or from our other friends and crew…

Haul out, take one

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It almost happened. but we are still in the water. if all goes according to plan, we should be on the hard friday afternoon.

What happened is that the guy from the boatyard under estimated the size of karaka and so when we showed up at the appointed date and time, the tide was not high enough. As a result everybody got a bit grumpy and we had to go back to the anchorage. i went back just after to confirm a new date, but then the guy started telling me Karaka was too big for his machine and that he did not want to take the risk of breaking his machine taking karaka out…

We got a bit distressed by this as the other otpions in town are not good, either too expensive, or full, or too far from town, or they won’t let us work ourselves, etc. so we went back armed with pictures of a flimsy trolly that was used to haul karaka out in thailand and the boat papers showing the registered weight of karaka, and we manage to sway the man. we are rescheduled on friday the 18th. we’ll have to go early before the hightide and then empty the boat of all the heavy stuff such as anchors, dinghies, sails, life raft, etc etc in order to lower the weight of the boat, and hopefully the machine will be able to take us out…

after that there is just one more issue we are concerned about, and that is finding a nice spot on the yard. we had asked for a nice private corner with shade tree, but that was attributed to another boat so we’ll have to fight to get a good spot now. anyway, all good, have to run now..

Cold front

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wind is howling in the anchorage, he temperature dropped at least 10 degres celcius, and we are kind of stuck on the boat as rowing to shore has become problematic.  it has been like that for the past 2 days and it is so cold we barely go outside. not your idea of the ideal tropical destination, is it?

well it should pass soon, and the place will be it’s wonderfull balmy self again. in the meantime we are just taking it easy.

we stil haven’t posted the stories of the crossing cause kim’s laptop is acting up and so she gave up writting for now. hopefully it will be fixed soon . our internet is sketchy at best, so we are procrastinating about writing back to all the emails. we will tackle that when we are in the boatyard next week, as we will have good connection and unlimited power for the computer. right now i have to be on deck to get on line and with the wind chill i have to be covered with layers after layers of clothing and i’m still freezing.

two of our crew are gone, alex back to sweden and greg back to texas. we have a new resident, matiss is a friend of zack from canada who came here on a holyday and is staying on board for the moment. zack will be flying back to canada next week.

martin is still with us and he will stay in la paz for a while. he plans on exploring the area a bit and also help us with the fist part of the refit.

otherwise yesterday we went with a local friend to a remote area of town where there are several second hand shops, huge warehouses littered with tons of random stuff for sale. we got a nice bike for kim, a huge single speed schwinn cruiser. she is already in love with it. it will be important for us to be mobile when we are in the boatyard, as it is about 4 km from town along the malecon, the water front, and with bikes we will be able to zoom back and forth and not feel like we are lost in the middle of nowhere.

so that’s it for now, we are taking it easy on the boat, trying to slow down a bit on the partying as it gets expensive and tiring. it feels like winter so we close the boat, play soft music and eat warm soup. next week i will be exploring the town for all the supplies we need for the refit, and we will try to go fo a short trip to some islands nearby as well.

La paz, Mexico

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So, lots of news…

Kim is writing down an account of the crossing from costa rica to here, we had a good crossing, some adventures, and some nice stories to tell. Whenever kim is done with that I’ll post it here as well.

We are now anchored in the harbor of La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur. It is an awefully nice place and we are going to stay for a while. the original idea was to sail to Guaymas further north and do the refit there, but I found another boatyard here in town that is actually a bit nicer and about the same price so we are not going to go to Guaymas after all.

We have a couple weeks to prepare ourselves, let the crew get ready to leave and also go for a last little trip to a nearby island and then we should haul out the 14th of february. The boatyard is called Atalanta marina, it is situated just north of the Marina Palmira just outside of La Paz.

The exact location is : Latitude 24° 10´ N and Longitude 110° 18´ W

the address is Atalanta Marina, 

Carretera a Pichilingue Km. 2.5, Colonia Lomas de Palmira, La Paz, BCS, México
But don’t send us stuff right away I need to check with them if it is okay first.

It is a small run down familly boatyard, it looks like the place was waiting for us, just our style. It is no more than a square of desert with a wall around it. The boats there are mostly in storage, with only a couple being worked on and also a few being totally abandonned. I secured for us a corner where we’ll be cozy, we even have a couple trees for shade. We will have to be sort of camping as the inside of the boat will be worked on, grinding rust and painting, and it won’t be comfortable to sleep in the boat. The place have some facilities and comforts, we’ll have power and water, a nice storage area for all our stuff, showers and toilets, an internet connection, a shuttle to town, etc etc.

So that’s it for the moment, I ‘ll post more when we are hauled out with more details. For all of you who mentioned you wanted to come and visit, and maybe give a hand, we’ll let you know asap all you need to know about that. We probably won’t need many people right away as we will tackle technical jobs and bang rust, but later on in march and april it would be great to have some manpower and company. The boatyard will let us do anything we want there so we can be as many as we want and they won’t be objecting to having a gypsy camp in their yard so we’ll be able to make some noise…

Karaka is twitching with anticipation of all the manicuring she’s going to get. We will eliminate all rust inside and out, overhaul the engines, rebuild the engine room, and repaint and revarnish about everything… lots of fun in perspective and plenty of work for all those who want to learn the pleasures of boat maintenance.

La paz is a very nice town, with a lot of nice people, excellent cheap food, active nightlife and relaxed atmosphere. We have already made a lot of friends amongst the student comunity, we contacted all the couchsurfing hosts of the town and invited them to a big party on the boat, so know we have a bunch of local friends. The last few days have been hectic, after 40 days at sea we are now having a party almost every night. We are going to slow down during the refit but the potential is there…

Ok, enough for now, I have a lot of catching up to do on the net