Engine room

So, I have been working on the engine room floor. Alex and frank came to help me move the genset from where it sits usually on the floor ,up on the workbench, to clear the floor for cleaning and painting.



After that i got into the rust on the floor, which was really bad and thick, and also covered with some greasy gunk that was very hard to remove.


It took me a few days with the needle scaler, the wire brush, soap and water, acid, etc etc.


But i finally got it under control, and this morning i applied the first coat of primer.


You can see the difference…

Otherwise, during those last few days i also spent quite a bit of time recovering from a serious hang over, rode the bike all over town several times trying to locates parts for the underwater window i’m building, had to fix the bike that is falling appart, cleaned up the boat to make it nicer for kim when she arrives, and finally while my primer was drying in the engine room, i started scaling rust on the outside of the hull… been busy…


One Response to “Engine room”

  1. Marie Says:

    Et ben ! Ca bosse dur !!! Bravo Tom !!!!

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