Free, independepent, mobile and afloat again!

We made it… i haven’t updated this log that much lately as we were rushing to get everything done as fast as possible to get out of the boat yard…
And so it is. The boat is all nice and painted black, we finally got the engine running, and now we’re tied to a dock, floating. This afternoon we’ll be heading for the anchorage in front of town…
Here are some pics







It looks so easy just looking at the pictures, apply a coat of black, put the boat back in the water, tie to the dock… it was not. The pictures do not show all the work inside, the multiple coats of paint and all the preparation in between, the engine room work, the days upside down under the engine battling uncooperating bolts, the frustration of encountering countless new problems that absolutely need to be solved before relaunching, the incredible heat, the draw back as when tthe black paint starting bubbling, the tons of stuff to be sorted through, lifted back on board and put away, etc etc… and all that while seeing our friends leave for sea, sail across oceans, make landfalls in paradise, and us still working in our concrete yard…
It has been one hell of a trip, and i’m mighty glad it is over. Now, in an odd way, we are in “land ho!” mode, as we feel we have completed a hard and strenuous journe toward freedom. Now is time to relax a bit, tidy the boat, sort out our finances, and then decide what to do next…


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