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Karaka’s winter quarters

Posted in Uncategorized on 09/10/2013 by ketchkaraka

Time for some R and R…
The whole crew have left, i’m on my own with the cat for the near future. Cyclone season starts officially at the end of the month, so i’ll take it easy for now and stay near safety.
I anchored in Haapiti, on the west side of the island of moorea. It is just absolutely lovely here. Haapiti is on the far right on the picture.


I’m inside the lagoon, not very far from the pass.


There is an epic surf break nearby. I’m going surfing regularly,although i’m way out of shape and the reef break is very technical, with even a minor mistake resulting in terrifying wipe outs over shallow reef. This morning it was 6 to 8 ft, glassy, and barreling on the bigger swells… i got slammed on the coral a few times. I lost my board twice already on the break, when the leach broke on a big wipe out. Usually the board washes up over the reef and you have to swim around to go get it from behind.


The break is fairly remote so there are very few surfers on it, especially during the week and early in the day. There is almost no tide so it’s going all day. I can see it from the boat so i usually have a look during the day and paddle over with a kayak when i feel like it.

view from the surf break

That’s the view from the surf break.

I found a free mooring inside the lagoon, so after asking the locals if it was okay i picked it up. I’m in 25 ft of water over sand,near the public jetee, and it is totally free. You couldn’t ask for better.


Every morning a pod of dolphins enter the pass and swim by the boat. They go fast but if i’m ready i can go swim with them for a while. It is whale season so there are whale by the dozen outside the pass.


The little village onshore is very small, with only a couple stores, a couple churches, a soccer field and a school. We’re on the wild side of moorea.

Crew member zack managed to sell his two kayaks before leaving, and the buyer is a french guy living in a bungalow in the next village, a really nice guym and so we’re hanging out and he offered me to use his internet whenever i want. It is a short bike ride away from the jetee so it is very convenient.

This morning after coming back form surfing(sunrise was spectacular and we were only two of us out) i closed the boat, took the cat out, and sprayed for cockroaches, who are getting bold inside… hopefully they’ll be dead by the time i go back.
Over the next few weeks i’ll be taking care of some projects, some fun and some not, such as repainting the topsides and the deck, taking care of my transmission problem, cleaning my fuel tanks, make a sailing rig for the dinghy, service the rigging, make new sail covers, etc etc… i’ll keep myself busy.
In the off time when i-m too tired for surfing, there is great fishing and diving around as well, the water is warm and very clear, with lots of edible fishes in the pass. There is some ciguatera around, but very limited so i can go get some meat… i just talked with a young guy earlier to go together as it is safer in group than alone, eespecislly with the local shark population…

And that’s it for now… i can’t say i’m too unhappy with my lot…